Chrissiesmeer: South Africa’s Lake District

I’m sitting on the verandah of Just Country Cottage, with my legs propped up, looking out onto Lake Chrissie as I eat breakfast, when a quacking duck waddles past. Two more follow suit. I don’t think much of it as I am in the countryside, but they are followed by a pony, a cow with her calves and goats with their kids. Now, it’s not everyday that a farmyard of animals casually saunters past as I indulge in breakfast, but it’s beginning to look like the elaborate escape plan from Chicken Run.

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10 reasons to book a holiday to South Africa

Some say that all human beings originate from South Africa, and in this country of vibrant cultures, wilderness and pristine natural areas, you cannot help but come alive as you reconnect with a powerful force of life that runs through this corner of the globe. After returning to my beloved country after four weeks of international travel, I am struck again by what good value and spectacular beauty South Africa offers both local and international guests.

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Begin your lives together in South Africa – Top places to propose

When you make the decision to pop the question, it’s a moment in time that you will want to capture in a bottle – a picturesque, unique, and memorable bottle that will endure in you and your partner’s memories till the end of time.

With magnificent vistas, charming cities, and unsurpassed natural wonders, South Africa is the perfect place to take the first step of the rest of your lives. Here are a few options to make that fateful question count.

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